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Ventura County's Digitized Mail System

Here is a Sneak Peek of the video Ventura County is producing on their Digitized Mail System as part of their series on County Best Practices.

The Ventura Scan Center Team won First Place in the 2015 Awards Program.  Check it out here.

An affiliate of the California State Association of Counties, CGSA is a network of General Services professionals from counties in California and Nevada, as well as affiliated members from cities, special districts and publicly owned utilities in California and Nevada who perform similar duties of those in the Executive Membership.

The objects of the CGSA include:
  • The development of stimulating relationships and collaboration among those performing General Services functions;
  • Creation of a central repository of knowledge and information to the benefit of members;
  • The review and development of plans centered on changing legislative matters that are of common interest to the Association; and
  • The promotion of professional development.
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